Seutter Ukraine & Crimea 1744



Nova et accurata /Turcicarum et/ Tartaricarum/ Provinciarum/ intra fluvios/ Tyras, S Niester et Tanaim S. Don/ ad Oram Ponti Euxini/ et in Peloponneso Taurica/
[Augsburg 1744 ] 7 ¾ x10” (19.7 x 25.3 cm.)
Ref. BD 6(50)/ANN/ r.anaa > LNN    PRICE CODE C

Original copper engraved map. Title cartouche. Ukraine, Crimea and bordering regions highlighted in full body colour in an early hand. Two scale bars. Some minor worm holes in border not affecting plate. Some light browning due to ageing.

This is a revised edition of the map of Southeastern Ukraine originally published in the "Atlas Novus" published in 1739. This edition was published in Seutter’s "Atlas Minor" (first published in 1740) under the title "Nova et Accurata Turcicarum et Tartaricarum Provinciarum" Shows towns, rivers and other topographical features. Along with various forts, battlefields and noted defensive lines that were present in the fourth Russian Turkish War (1735-1739). For example, along the Dnieper river, marks the boundary of the territory of the Crimean Tatars. The title cartouche at the top left contains the publishers signature. Within the Black Sea the privilege SRI Vicariat is engraved.

Matthias Seutter (1678-1757) was an apprentice to cartographer Johann Homann whom he would later directly compete with from his business based in Augsburg. He became the Imperial geographer to Karl IV in 1731. The business also had an office in Venice and made celestial globes. Unlike Homann, Seutter did not often design his own maps, but engraved the maps of others. Among his most important works are the "Atlas Geographicus" (1725), the "Atlas Novus" (from 1728) and the "Grand Atlas" (Ca.1735). His son in law Tobias Conrad Lotter continued the business after his death.
Tooley, Dictionary of Mapmakers, Early World Press, 2004, p150

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