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tragic voyage of laperouse

SECTION 6 - The Tragic voyage of La Pérouse 

The career of Jean François de-Galup, Comte de la Pérouse is outlined as is the significance of his filling-in of the coastal outline gaps of North-West America that Cook missed. His round the world voyage, upon which the prestige of France rested, and evolvement of the proposed crew applicant that would have changed the course of European history is detailed. How the account of the voyage made its way back to Paris in the aftermath of the ships tragic demise, together with the relevance of the voyage today is related.
 Two original antique maps and one engraving are described to international standard. Collectively they detail the N-W. American discoveries of La Perousé and illustrate the first meeting of Europeans and the natives of Lituya Bay, Alaska, the site of the loss of 21 of his crew.

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