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barkley sound

SECTION 7 - The devious Dubliner, Pacific coast Fur traders and the Nootka Convention

The fur trade in sea mammals, the rivalry with the Russian & American traders, the routes to the markets in China are considered in the introduction, together with the dealings of the devious Dubliner that led to the Nootka crisis and convention. The involvement of Capt. George Vancouver  and others of the 'school of Cook', their contribution to the charting of the Pacific North-West coast and how it affects the present day Canada / U.S. border is explained, along with the relevance of his and other fur trade voyagers.
Four great original antique maps, including that of the first white woman of just 17, to reach the N.W. coast are detailed and described to international standard, along with two engravings, one of which relates to the settlement at Nootka Sound.

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