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Parry2nd command NW passage chart title2 mod

SECTION 1I  - Parry's First Arctic Command - The North - West passage revealed.

Read how the youthful William Edward Parry was able to take advantage of the warmer arctic summer of 1819, to dispel former myth and reveal the entrance and much of the North-West Passage, while discovering the Arctic Archipelago on his second voyage of discovery. Good science, determination and careful observation led to many new advances and theories in arctic survival techniques and technologies. This was the first European expedition to combat and endure the cold, darkness and boredom of the first intentional arctic over-winter, in the quest to explore our arctic frontier and win the prize.

This section is illustrated with six original antique maps and seven antique prints, all of which are available for purchase, with their explanatory descriptive text.

The full research information and cataloguing details of the items in this section however are available to purchasers only.  Please contact us


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