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Since 1763 the name 'Russborough' has been synonymous with collecting and dealing in fine art. In the closing decades of the last century the historic town of Port Hope has become home to Lord Russborough's Annex, which specialises in an individual mix of antique maps, paintings and prints.

While Lord Russborough's Annex features a great many works of museum calibre, we also offer a wonderful selection of prints priced at under $100.

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The Following images were published by The Associated American Artists (A.A.A.) which was created in 1934 with the mission of bridging the gap between artists and their audiences by making fine art affordable, accessible, and attractive for the general American public. The organization commissioned original graphic art from many notable American artists, whose art often reflected or commented on the social ideas of the era. All lithographs and etchings were produced in limited editions. Each has its original certificate of authenticity. Many early AAA prints which sold originally for $5 go to art collectors for thousands of dollars today.

Schreiber Ringmaster

Georges Schreiber (1904-1977)
'Ringmaster' Ca. 1954
Signed below plate. 23 1/8 x 14 1/8" (58.7 x 35.7 cm.)

Colour lithograph. limited edition of 300

Schreiber was Belgium born and trained in Germany at the Art and Crafts School, Elberfeld and the Fine Arts Academies of Berlin and Dusseldorf. In 1928 he moved to New York and was a contributor to the New York Times, The Post and the National Broadcasting Corporation.
During WWII, Schreiber was commissioned by the US Army & Navy to create War Bond posters  including "Keep them flying" 
During WWII, Schreiber was commissioned by the US Army & Navy to create War Bond posters  including "Keep them flying"

Collections: Metropolitan Museum of Art, Whitney Museum of American Art, Brooklyn Museum, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Library of Congress, White House Library, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Bibliothéque Nationale and the Museum of Tel Aviv.

Ref. AR49/DNN/s.andl >RVL


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Gray Broadway Express

Nancy Gray (1950-2008)
'Broadway Express ' [1975]
Signed, titled & numbered below plate.
Image 12 1/4 x 8 3/4" (31.1 x 22.2 cm.)

Serigraph. 57/250

Depicted is an aerial view of the Broadway Express during busy traffic hours in the 1970's. This is a fine example of the artist's work. Collections Brooklyn Museum, Smithsonian American Art Museum .

 Ref. AR164/EN/s.andl >ANN


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grant The Homecoming

Gordon Hope Grant (1875-1962)
'The Homecoming' [1947]
Signed, below plate.
Image 8 15/16 x 12" (44.5 x 37.8 cm.) excluding letters.

Lithograph. Limited edition of 250

A charming soft image of a family awaiting in the snow to welcome the return from sea of their fisherman father.

 Ref. AR165/EN/s.andl >ANN   SOLD


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Diana Thorne (1895-1963)
'Even Money' 1938
Signed below plate. 6 7/8 x 9 7/8" (17.5 x 25.1 cm.)

Etching. limited edition of 250

Diana was born Ann Woursell on October 7, 1895 in Odessa, Russia.  (Some evidence indicates that she may have actually been born in 1894.) and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Diana Thorne left for Germany around 1912 to take formal art studies in Munich and Berlin. Unfortunately, the First World War began two years later and (being Canadian) Diana Thorne was detained by the German government as a hostile alien. She managed, however, to escape to England where she supported herself as a reporter, librarian and writer. At this time she began her first experiments in both illustration and etching and engraving. Diana Thorne moved to the United States in 1920. During the following years she became one of America's most recognized canine artists. Well known as an author/illustrator, with some 50 books to her credit. She also executed a series of popular sports. Her main reason for success was a total dedication to her drawing and love for her subject matter, she had a great ability to show motion.

Ref. AR167/DNN/s.andl >ANN


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Marsh Farmyard

Robert Marsh (1944- )
'Farmyard' [1974]
Signed, titled & numbered below plate.
Image 11 5/8 x 8 7/8" (29.5 x 22.6 cm.)

Aquatint. 38/250

In 1974 the A.A.A.launched an exhibition entitled, "New Talent in Printmaking". Robert Marsh's "Farmyard" was featured in this exhibition. This original impression is signed, titled and numbered by the artist in pencil along the lower margin. A contemporary American painter and printmaker, Robert Marsh received his undergraduate degree from the University of Alabama and his Master of Fine Arts from the University of Mississippi. For a period of more than thirty years he held the position of Professor of Art at Averett University. In his etchings, pastels and paintings Robert Marsh concentrates upon the landscape of the American South.

 Ref. AR169/EN/s.andl >AAL


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Lamut Cage

Sonja Lamut (1949- )
'Cage' 1980
Signed below plate. 6 x 7 13/16 " (15.3 x 19.9 cm.)
Mezzotint 90/250

A contemporary American illustrator, painter and mezzotint engraver, Sonja Lamut received her B.F.A. from the University of Arts, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, and her M.F.A. from Hunter College, City University of New York. She is presently Assistant Professor of Illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York City. For several decades, she has produced a number of striking works of art in the most demanding of all graphic media -- the mezzotint. In 1974 she was a participating artist in the exhibition, "International Mezzotint Today" in London, England. Utilizing the unique, black tonal values of this intaglio method she has created intriguing imagery, such as, "Cage". Most of Sonja Lamut's mezzotints from this period were published by the Associated American Artists, New York.

Ref. AR173/EN/s.andl >ALN



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Gropper WitnessWitness

Gropper Top ManTop Man

William 'Bill' Gropper (1897-1977)
1. 'Witness' 2. Top Man 1968
Signed, below plate.
Image 1. 3 1/2 x 5 3/4"excluding letters.
          2. 3 3/4 x 5 7/8"
Etching. 64/100

One of America's greatest twentieth century social and satirical artists, William Gropper studied painting and printmaking under George Bellows at the Ferrer School in San Francisco (1913-14), at the National Academy of Design (1914) and at the New York School of Fine Art (1915-18). He was first employed as a staff artist for The New York Tribune (1919-21) and later for the New York World (1925-27). During this time Gropper also contributed many drawings to Leftist publications such as 'The New Masses' and 'The Liberator'. By the mid 1920's William Gropper had established himself as a major satirical artist and lithography, silkscreening and etching became one of his most potent weapons for launching his attacks against big business and big politics. In the following decades William Gropper achieved a fine reputation around the world. In 1958, for example, he received the Young Israel Prize. Today, many international institutions include examples of his paintings and prints in their collections. The Museum of Modern Art in New York lists over thirty of Gropper's etchings and lithographs in its permanent collection. 

 Ref. AR171a&b/ENea/s.andl >ANN ea.


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AR172 Florsheim Calm

Richard Aberle Florsheim (1916-1979)
'Calm' 1976
Signed below plate.10 1/16 x 14" (25.5 x 35.6 cm.)
Lithograph 65/250

A prominent twentieth century American printmaker, painter, sculptor, educator and writer, Richard Florsheim first studied at the University of Chicago before going to New York to study at the Museum of Modern Art and at the Metropolitan Museum, under Aaron Bohrod. His education was completed in Paris at the Musee Nationale d’Art Moderne. Florsheim gained international recognition in the late 1930’s when he first began exhibiting his art at such major institutions as the Salon des Refuses, Paris, the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, the Los Angeles County Museum and the San Francisco Museum of Art. During the following years his original prints and paintings were shown at numerous public galleries both in the United States and in Europe. Richard Florsheim was a full member of the American Graphic Artists, the Audubon Artists, the Artists Equity Association and the prestigious National Academy of Design. During his career he received such major conferments as the Art Institute of Chicago Award (1946), the Pennell Fund Award (1950) and the Library of Congress Award (1956). His original lithographs and paintings are included in numerous public museums in America, Britain, France and Germany. Florsheim’s graphic oeuvre consists of slightly under two hundred and fifty prints, the majority being in the medium of lithography. Studying such lithographs as this original example makes us understand why Richard Florsheim is ranked as a major twentieth century artist.

Ref. AR172/EN/s.andl >RNN



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AR174 Tarrago

Leticia Tarrago 1940 -
Pasajera 1967
signed below plate 6 5/8 x 7 6/8"plate size (16.8 x 20cm.) colour etching, 8/60

Born 1940 in Orizaba, Veracruz. Ms. Tarrago studied at La Esmeraida in Mexico City, where at the age of fourteen she won first prize in the annual student competition staged by the National Institute of Fine Arts. In 1957 Ms.Trrago won first prize when KLM Airlines held a twelve- country competition called "This is my country". With scholarships, she traveled to Europe, studying in Warsaw, Poland with leading Polish graphic artists, and in Holland with a group of Dutch engravers. In 1967, Ms. Tarrago won the coveted award for engraving given by the National Institute of Fine Arts and presented personally by Mexico's Secretary of Education. Her work has appeared throughout the Americas and is now in several permanent collections in Europe and the United States.

Ref. AR174/EN/s.andl >ANN


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Shapiro Winter Beach


David Shapiro 1916-2005
Winter Beach 1954
Signed and titled below plate 8 x 12 7/8" (20.3 x 32.7cm.) plate size. Intaglio etching 92/250

The art of David Shapiro moved in two parallel streams: first, the graphic woodcuts of social conscience; and second, the color paintings and lithographs that evoked his enjoyment of nature.  These two streams originated in Shapiro's earliest adult experiences.  A city boy living in Brooklyn, he was diagnosed with tuberculosis at the age of nineteen.  Sent to live for two years in a sanatorium in Bedford Hills, New York, he studied academic subjects and art while he was recovering.
Returning to New York in 1937, he enrolled at the American Artists School on 14th Street, where he studied with Anton Refregier.  He was President of the Society of American Graphic Artists. He has exhibited in both Canada and the United States and works may be found in the Library of Congress and Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Ref. AR175/EN/s.andl >ANN


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William 'Bill' Patterson
Daumier 1970-71 signed and numbered below plate.9 1/2 x 7 3/8 oval Etching 59/250

A contemporary realist painter inspired by the Renaissance and other classical masters. Professor of painting at the University of Georgia, Cortona Italy and professor Emeritus at Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst. Patterson has won numerous awards and his works are in collections world-wide.This portrait of celebrated 19th. century French Printmaker and caricaturist Honoré Daumier was etched in 1970-1971

Ref. AR184/EN/s.andl >ANN


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Valier streamliner

Biron Valier (1943-)
'Streamliner' 1976
Signed below plate.6 x 9 " (15.2 x 22.9 cm.)
Serigraph 88/100

Biron Valier (1943- ) was born in West Palm Beach, Florida. He studied at the Art Students League, Cranbrook Academy of Art and Yale University.
Born in the USA in 1943, Biron Valier arrived in Australia in 1977. He is a painter, printmaker and teacher. He studied at various colleges and universities in the USA, graduating from Yale in 1969 with a Master of Fine Arts. In Australia he taught at tertiary institutions in Melbourne and Sydney. Valier specialises in depicting fun fair images and games and American roadside culture icons. He first exhibited in Australia in 1978 - in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney. His work is represented at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, and in corporate and institutional collections in Australia and the USA

Ref. AR176/EN/s.andl >ALN


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Hansen pondThe Pondfirst ave cafeIst. Ave, Cafe

Art Hansen (1929 -)
1.The Pond 1975  2. Ist. Ave. Cafe 1972
signed below plate 8 3/4 x 9 7/8"plate size (22.3 x 25.1 cm.) etching, editions of 250

A contemporary American painter, etcher and lithographer Art Hansen had his first of six one man exhibitions at the Seattle Art Museum between 1952 and 1970. The same year he received a Pulitzer Prize for his art and the following year he was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship which enabled him to complete his education at the Academy in Munich, Germany. Upon his return to the US. he taught at the U. of Hawaii prior to settling on Vashon Island, his home in the Pacific North-West. the inspiration for his original etching The Pond Noted for his still life compositions, his landscapes and urban amenities. His Ist. Ave. Cafe is a clever example of the latter.

Ref. AR177 & AR180/EN/s.andl >ANN each


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Marsha Feigin [Feigen] (1946- )
Slam 1977
Signed and titled below plate 11 5/8 x 8 7/8" (29.5 x 22.5cm.) plate size.Etching 2/250

A native New Yorker, she is known for post-mod realist genre, graphics.
She was invited to participate in the 1973 American Art Association's New talent in printmaking show, and has participated in the International Print Biennial, Cracow 1976 and Thirty Years of American Printmaking, The Brooklyn Museum 1926-77. The recipient of numerous prestigious grants her works may now be found in Rochester Institute of Technology, The Indianapolis Museum of Art, The Hawaii State Foundation of Culture and the Arts and the National Museum of Poland. 'Slam' is representative of her interest in the actions of Athletes.

Ref. AR182/EN/s.andl >ANN


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Jonathan Talbot Pig

Jonathan Talbot (1939-)
'Pig' 1974
Signed in & below plate.8 3/4 x 8 3/4" (22.2 x 22.2 cm.)
Etching 56/250

Jonathan Talbot was born in New York City on November 14, 1939, and has established his primary studio in Warwick, New York, although he has also worked in Spain, France, and England. He lives with his wife Marsha, a daughter and son.His works have been exhibited at The Natiolal Aademy and Museum of Modern Art N.Y. as well as museum cllections in the US.,Canada & Europe

Ref. AR183/EN/s.andl >ANN


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Joan Root (1944- )
The Arrival 1980
Signed and titled below plate 13 x 9" plate size (30 x 22.9 cm.) Lithograph 152/250

Joan Root is both a painter-printmaker and an art historian. She has taught painting and drawing as well as art history for more than 30 years. In New York, she taught at the New York Academy of Art, New York University, the School for Visual Arts, and Stern College.  In Washington, she has been on the faculty of the Corcoran College of Art, Northern Virginia Community College and American University. Based in Washinton D.C. recently, she has shown with A.A.A. in New York (for whom she produced several lithographs). She has produced a large body of drawings, lithographs, and etchings.
Professor Root lectures for the National Gallery of Art, the Corcoran Gallery of Art, the Smithsonian Institute and the Kreeger Museum.  She also has led art history tours traveling throughout Italy, the Baltics and St. Petersburg for the Smithsonian, as well as to museums in New York, Philadelphia and Washington.

Ref. AR185/EN/s.andl >ANN


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Egleson Evening Monhegan

Jim Egleson (1907- )
Evening Monhegan 1974
Signed and titled below plate 6 7/8 x 9 7/8" (17.5 x 25.1cm.) Etching 66/250

Printmaker, painter, and science illustrator, Jim Egleson (b. 1907) studied engineering at Swarthmore College and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He then served a year's apprenticeship with the Mexican Muralist, Jose Clemente Orozco. During World War II he was a naval officer in engineering aboard the carrier Saratoga: he became an emergency medic while the ship was under attack, later sketching the disaster. In the postwar years he was a TV news artist, and in the 1960's began etching. His prints are now in the permanent collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the New York Public Library; the Addison Gallery of American Art, Andover, Mass., and numerous university collections.
He was a member of the Society of American Graphic Artists, the Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts and the Silvermine Guild of Artists where he was also an instructor of etching.

Ref. AR186/EN/s.andl >RLN


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Rudolf Hasler (1927-2000)
'The El' 1980
Signed below plate.8 3/4 x 12 1/2 " (22.2 x 31.8 cm.)
Etching 153/250

A Swiss American artist born in 1927. He travelled widely throughout Europe and North Africa. Whilst living in Cuba he was an active member of an artists group exploring methods of mural painting , stained glass and printmaking techniques He made extensive visits to Mexico, Canada & the US. before residing in Spain.

Ref. AR187/EN/s.andl >RNN


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Margulies bridges

Joseph Margulies (1896-1984)
'Bridges' 1976
Signed below plate.8 3/4 x 12 1/2 " (22.2 x 31.8 cm.)
Etching 25/250

An American painter, etcher and lithographer, Joseph Margulies came to the United States from Austria at an early age. He studied first under the great master of lithography and etching, Joseph Pennell (1857-1926) at the Art Students' League, New York, from 1922 to 1925. Joseph Margulies then continued his artistic education at the National Academy of Design and at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. He then completed an apprenticeship with Maynard Waltner in Vienna. For the following five decades Joseph Margulies excelled in every artistic medium. Whether in etching, lithography or in painting he established himself as a portrait artist in America and was commissioned to execute the portraits of presidents and other distinguished individuals, he received many awards. American museums that include his original etchings and lithographs in their permanent collections are the Metropolitan Museum, New York, Yale University, the Library of Congress, Smithsonian Institute, and Tel Aviv Museum, Israel. 

Ref. AR188/EN/s.andl >ALN


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Lank QWashington Momument

B. Lank
Washington Monument from Lincoln Memorial

Etching, handsomely framed in shadow box frame, with four museum quality matts, gilt line, ornate silver gilt-wood and black lacquer frame. 6 7/8 x 4 1/8" Plate size (17.5 x 10.5 cm) Frame:15 1/2 x 12 5/8"

Ref. JS7 (169)/VL/ s.ands > DVL

We can find no biographical information on this etcher.

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Moskowitx Rabbis Debating

Polish /American
Torah suite - The Lulav [Rabbi's Debating]

Limited edition etching 19/120. Signed below plate, glazed, silver gilt -wood frame.
14 3/4 x 17 1/2" (37.5 x 43.8cm.) Frame 26 1/4 x 35"
Ref. RI. 477/ DAN / dd.andg > ALN SOLD   PRICE CODE B

This quintessential Judaic image depicts Rabbi's debating the Lulav [or Yemenite pronunciation lolav; Hebrew ‫לולב‬‎‎] which is a closed frond of the date palm tree. It is one of the Four Species used during the Jewish Holiday of Sukkot. Published as part of Moskowitz's Torah suite.

Ira Moskowitz Polish/American 1912-2001 was born in Galicia, Poland in 1912, emigrating with his family to New York in 1927. He enrolled at the Art Student's League and studied there from 1928-31. In 1935, he traveled to Paris and then lived until 1937 in what is now Israel. He returned in 1938 to marry artist Anna Barry in New York. The couple soon visited Taos and Santa Fe in New Mexico, returning there for extended periods until in 1944 they moved there permanently and stayed until 1949.
During this time, Moskowitz received a Guggenheim fellowship (in 1943). While Moskowitz devoted much of his life to the production of Judaic art, his New Mexico period was especially productive of other work. His New Mexico art consists mostly of "Regionalist" subjects depicting both the New Mexico landscape and life within the state's three cultures. He especially focused on pueblo life. He and Anna also visited and sketched across the border in Old Mexico. While in the Southwest, Moskowitz flourished as a printmaker, yet continued to produce oils and watercolors as well.
After leaving the Southwest, printmaking remained a major part of his life and art. But his focus drastically changed as to subject. Later works of Moskowitz depict religious (Judaic) subjects primarily. These works were well received early on and Moskowitz was content to stay with them the rest of his life.
From 1963 until 1966 Moskowitz lived in Paris. He then returned in 1967 to New York City where he made his permanent home (with intermittent sojourns) until he died there in 2001.  Shortly before his death, Zaplin-Lampert Gallery of Santa Fe staged a year 2000-01 exhibition of Ira's works.
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