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The Baltic Fleet off Hango
Sending onboard the Admiral

 Thomas Goldsworth[y] Dutton after O.W.  Brierly 

Part of the series The English and French Fleets in the Baltic 1854

Hand coloured late impressions, matted, glazed, Hogarh-style frames.
Plate size 14 1/4 x 21" ( 36.2 x 53.3 cm.) Frame 21 x 27"
Ref.PR5 & 6 (183)/DNN/s.ando> ANN each       PRICE CODE B

Numerous ships of the combined English & French Fleets in the Baltic, 1854. during the Crimean War can be seen in these images including The Princess Royal, Austerlitz, Duke of Wellington, Amphion & Blenheim The Crimean War came in that period when steam was just beginning to take over navies, and just before the advent of the ironclad warship, there were 14 steam vessels similar to the Princess Royal (shown here), and about 20 large sailing vessels had their small paddle steamer to maneuver them about. Here is a part of the fleet off Hango, Finland, at the mouth of the Gulf of Finland. After the nearby fortress of Bomarsund was captured, the Russians blew up the fort at Hango to forestall attack on the city of Hango. 

 Sir Oswald Walter Brierly/Brierley (1817-1894) Was a distinguished marine artist. He travelled widely and accompanied the Duke of Edinburgh on his round-the-world voyage . He was appointed official marine painter to Queen Victoria in 1847 and was knighted for his artistic achievements in 1885, Exhibited Royal Academy and Royal Watercolour Society.