reclining_nude             nude head

I.Yunimis ?
Austro /Hungarian Ca. 1920

 Reclining Nude 
 Oils on canvas.  Indistinctly signed (Bottom Right) Period gilt-wood and gesso frame.
 25 ¾x 43 ½" (65.4x110.5 cm.) 33 ½ x 50 ¾" 
 Ref. 597 RI547/DRLN/ dn.ands> AEGL       PRICE CODE G

A well painted sensual depiction of a fully reclining nude, with her head and shoulders facing left and resting on a pillow set against a dark background. The subject's eyes are closed and her cheeks slightly flushed in demure embarrassment, hinting that she was far from accustomed to such posing. She wears her hair in the fashionable ‘bob’ of the period. Her manicured left hand idly toys with her double strand pearl necklace, as her wrist caresses her left breast, her right arm lies naturally on her somewhat Rubenesque thigh, thereby exposing the erect nipple of her voluptuous right breast. A draped gossamer blue fabric entwines her legs providing a small degree of modesty, but adds to the allurement of the pose.  In all, this is a classic nude wherein the artist has captured the essence of a beautiful woman in her prime, full of vitality, though very much a model of her time, her beauty will add grace to a bedroom of any age. This painting has been professionally cleaned Oct 2018. 


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