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Victorian Wedding Memorabilia

An extract of our prints currently available:
Victorian Wedding Heirloom

Victorian Wedding Heirlooms

Unique collection of

Mounted within glazed shadow-box 20 7/8 x 26 5/8 x 2 7/8"

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Upon a fragment of silver beaded lace which is embroidered in a diamond, stylized branch and chain link pattern across the bottom and along the sides. The fragment probably cut from a turn-of-the-19th.century wedding dress train or wedding veil, forms a backdrop to this momento.


brooch& earrings cameo

Upon the backdrop are laid two machine-made Lace doilies: The left one, having affixed to it a handsome gold-plated brooch, in the shape of a buckled belt upon which the motto CHRISTUS  PROVIDEBIT [Christ will provide] are raised, (the motto has long been associated with the Thompson family but no direct connection has so far been made). The belt surrounds the elaborately flourished calligraphic Initials ‘BRF'(or ‘RFB’). Below and also affixed to the doily is a pair of hooped earrings of a similar gold-plated buckle belt design (without words) surrounding the elaborately flourished calligraphic Initials 'J B'. he hoop findings are of a later date. To find a Victorian period buckle with matching earrings is rare.

The right doily has affixed to it a gold mounted 'Grand Tour' Cameo brooch (ca.1850) carved with figures of Bacchanalian cupids, one riding a goat and holding a drinking cup, the other holding aloft a bunch of grapes. The brooch shows some signs of wear and was perhaps an heirloom before being gifted as a wedding gift.


Between the doilies to the top, are affixed to the lace, two gold filled brooches. One solid bar design supporting a floral spray and pierced trellis edges. The other having a double broken arrow head, gold bar joined by three rings which support a beveled square cut ruby coloured centrepiece ca. 1880.

draw-string purse

Below them, and also affixed to the silver beaded lace, hangs an exquisite lady’s white beaded draw-string trousseau purse, lined with white silk. The ca.1875 purse has a pair of looped handles which are delicately embroidered with seed pearl beads and edged with silver glass beads. The whole of the purse is beautifully hand-embroidered with a delicate floral motif of pink and blue flowers and soft green leaves. The background being covered with strands of white glass seed pearl beads and the design being edged with silver and light amber coloured glass miniature or seed beads. The draw-string is made from braided silk and terminates in cluster of silver glass forming a beaded ball. The whole is in superb condition.

The shadow box is well made in the late 20th Century but is of a traditional Victorian design, with a very soft dove grey silken sheen background to which the above is stitched, with crushed champagne velvet sides, glazed, within an appropriate gilt-wood frame measuring 20 7/8 x 26 5/8 x 2 7/8"

The overall effect is an exquisite and unique piece of Victorian wedding heirloom memorabilia. The date is thought to be Ca. 1850-1900.