Gatonbe lgemod

John Gatonbe
[the fashion of savages rowing in their boats 
together with
Wilkinson’s Islands, The Harbour of Hope, Mount Hatcliffe
Cunningham Mount]
Two original copper engraved plates in one on laid paper. Plate size 1: 7 7/8 x 5 1/2” , 2. 2 1/4 x5 1/2”  overall: 10 1/4 x 5 1/2” ( 26 x14 cm.)
Ref. LRApArc148/RN/ r.doss>ANN

John Gatonbe was Quatermaster on the ‘Patience’  published in A journal of a voyage to the North-West passage, undertaken in the year 1612. By the merchant adventurers of London under the command of James Hall.  By the Hakluyt Society.[London 1732]
 In 1605-7 under the auspices of King Christian IV, three Danish voyages were sent to Greenland to try and locate the survivors of the early 14th. century Viking colonies. In 1612 at the behest of the Merchant Adventurers of London, Hall again undertook an English voyage to Greenland in search of silver, in a further attempt to prove the findings of Martin Frobisher (1577-8). Capt. James Hall of Hull, aka. Jacob Hald, the commander and pilot was killed by Inuk off Itiudlek fjiord, in revenge probably for having carried off or slain some natives on a previous voyage. This is also the first recorded voyage of William Baffin who was chief pilot of the ‘Patience’ which was accompanied by the accompanied by the ‘Heart's Ease’.The islands, harbour and mountains are located on the west side of Greenland and were visited in May 1612.
• Besides his geographical discoveries, Baffin is celebrated for the scrupulous accuracy of his many scientific and magnetic observations. His reckoning of longitude
at sea by lunar observation on 26 April 1615 is the first of its kind on record.


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