Carver Quebec

A/ NEW MAP/ of the/ PROVINCE OF QUEBEC /according to/ THE ROYAL PROCLAMATION, / of 7th. October 1763./ from/ THE FRENCH SURVEYS/ connected with those made after the war/ by/ CAPTAIN CARVER/ and other officers/ in his MAJESTY’S Service.

Inset :- A particular survey of the Isles of Montreal

  1. The City of Quebec
  2. Course of the river St. Laurence from la Valterie to Quebec
  3. Plan of Montreal  or Villemarie


Capt. Jonathan Carver    Robt. Sayer & John Bennett.  London 1776
FIRST STATE Original hand colour, rebacked half inch repair along centre fold, title vignette, three scale bars
19 ½ x 26” (49.5 x 67 cm.)
Ref.DGL406/ALN/dd.dnsn > DANN         PRICE CODE E

This fine and highly decorative map was published in Thomas Jefferys' The American Atlas Or, A Geographical Description Of The Whole Continent Of America .London 1776.  It delineates a polygon shaped boundary of the then new province of Quebec according to the Treaty of Paris (10 February 1763) and the Royal Proclamation (10 October 1763) with four decoratively trompe l'oeil bordered insets, as above, set off by a handsome title vignette depicting native trees and waterfalls in a rocky landscape. The map is hand tinted in its original subtle outline and body wash colours. There are some overall aging signs, and the map has been carefully re-backed with Japanese tissue to preserve it, as there was some cracking along the top margin and centerfold. There has also been a skillfull replacement with rag paper to a half inch square along the fold with some of the missing engraved letters and features redrawn.

Captain Jonathan Carver’s highly decorative and important boundary map of the province of Quebec, the St. Lawrence River and Valley, and northern New York State and Maine, drawn according to the recently concluded Treaty of Peace of 1763, has been much sought after by collectors for its scale and handsome composition, not forgetting its definitive accuracy in delineating a landmark in Canadian history.


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