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Plate  7

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Elijah H. Burritt  F.J. Huntington, Hartford 1833

This complete set of  seven celestial charts  with delicate  original hand colour,one of them double-page,  were drawn by Elijah H. Burritt engraved and printed by Illman & Pilbrow for F.J. Huntington, and published in Burritt, E[lijah] H. Atlas, Designed to Illustrate the Geography of the Heavens....  Hartford, Connecticut:  F. J. Huntington . 1833

These fascinating attractively hand coloured  maps of the heavens are populated by the many constellations , their recognition served for centuries as a means of navigation, both over sea and on land being the GPS. of the ages, also their appearance in the night sky directed the movements of man in the celebration of religious ceremony and tillage of the land. Today they a source of wonderment and, despite condition, their scarcity has made them a prized source of collection for those
interested in astronomy or astrology.

      Plate I  Celestial chart for  Octr. Novr. Decr.  Original Colour,1833.                                          Plate IV  Celestial chart for  July. Augt . Sepr.  Original Colour,1833.
       Plate II  Celestial chart for  Jany. Feby. March.  Original Colour,1833.                                                    Plate V   Northern Circumpolar Map.  Original Colour,1833.
       Plate III  Celestial chart for  April. May. June.  Original Colour,1833.                                                     Plate V I  Southern Circumpolar Map Original Colour,1833.
 Plate VII   A Celestial Planisphere or Map of the Heavens. Original Colour,1833. some splitting along fold.      



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