The following is a brief synopsis of what is available (and you are missing) in this section.

N.W. view of Fort PoW

SECTION 2 -  Samuel Hearne & Fort Prince of Wales. 

The introduction outlines the history and deprivations during the building of the Hudson Bay Company 'Fort Prince of Wales' from 1719 -1771 at the mouth of the Churchill River, Man.  Introduces Samuel Hearne as the instrument through which the Hudson's Bay Co. begins the exploration of the interior and search for natural resources and the fabled passage to the Orient. Hearne's journey with the assistance of native guides is described which enabled him to be the first white man to cross the barren lands and gaze upon the Arctic ocean from the land mass of North America. The relevance of Hearne's remarkable journey is listed in an easy to understand format, as were the relevance of his maps and the connection of the fort to the American war of Independence and the effect the fort's presence had on the native people.

Hearne’s  four original antique maps and three prints in this section are fully documented to international standard.  The full research information and cataloguing details however, are available to purchasers only. Please contact us


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