roberts Bethlehem view lge

David Roberts R.A.
1796 - 1864

In this well composed view the hills of Moab may be seen in the background, with the deep valley Wadi Taamirah to the left and beyond it a glimpse of the Dead sea to the left and center. The village stands upon a ridge surrounded by fertile countryside.The convent with its butressed walls dominates the precipice.  Renowned as the birth place of Jesus.

Although repaired the damage is still visible, but providing an opportunity to acquire an original Roberts at a vastly reduced price.

RARE. Double tinted chalk-stone lithograph, printed by Louis Haghe. Published by F. G. Moon, London. November 1. 1842. Full Plate. de-acidified. repaired.
Image Size: 14 1/16 x 20 1/16” excl letters. (35.7 x 51 cm.)         PRICE CODE B
Ref: LRA 2002HL 2.41 /v.ln + dgn /anna> RNN

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