Norie Artillery march to Lucknow

Orlando NORIE
British  - 1832-1901

Artillery on the march to Lucknow

Watercolours on paper, Signed (bottom Right) French lines and wash panel matted, glazed, ornate black and gilt-wood Hogarth style frame with gilt corners.  12 3/8 x 18 3/8"  (31.3 x 46.7 cm)   Frame 20 ¾  x 27 ¼ "
Ref. 646 CB2 (186)/ RNN/ a.anan > SNN       PRICE CODE  D

A horse shy’s at a sudden noise as its rider tenses to control it,  as a train of two guns and troops of the Royal Artillery are on the march toward Lucknow, in order to raise the siege. The dust of semi-arid landscape of that hot June/August 1857 is apparent in the hot weather uniforms of the mounted troops and other foot ranks. The eventual relief of the siege uncovered unspeakable conditions. Atrocities and acts of revenge ended the Indian Mutiny and the abolition of the East India Company in 1858.

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