HMQueen Victoria cold lge


Engraved by Archibald L Dick (ca. 1805-ca. 1855) 1838 after the Painting by E[dmond] T[homas] Parris esq. (1793-1873)
Original stone colour lithograph & etching with added hand coloured highlights, double matted glazed period shadow box gilt-wood frame.
 Size 12 3/8 x 9 5/8"  (31.5 x 24.5 cm.) Frame: 18 1/4 x 15"
Ref. TF2(174)/ANN/ dd.ands >LNN                     PRICE CODE C

Portrait of a youthful Queen Victoria (1819 -1901), aged 18; her hand on a parapet,  a throne behind her, holding a nosegay and wearing a tiara.  Image published 1838 after the painting by Edmund Thomas Parris, who swiftly sketched the image of the newly ascended Queen from the orchestra pit, as she stood in the Royal Box; upon the occasion of her first attendance at a performance at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane in Nov. 1837.
Edmund Thomas Parris (3 June 1793 - 27 November 1873) was an English History, portrait, subject, and panorama painter, book illustrator, designer and art restorer. In 1832 he was appointed historical painter to HM Queen Adelaide, (Victoria's Aunt, the consort of William IV.) He painted Queen Victoria 's coronation in 1838 and the Duke of Wellington's funeral in 1852. He supervised the painting of the huge panorama in the London Colosseum in Regent's Park, London, and was the inventor of "Parris's medium". A medium which, when mixed with oil, produced a dull fresco-like surface.


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