VAn Vreeland _large

1879 – 1954

   [ The Polder Windmill ]  

Watercolour on paper, Signed (Bottom Left)
21 x 27 1/2"    (53.4 x 69.8 cm.)      
Ref. 316 LRA64/ DNVN/o.annl > ALNN

The influence of the European impressionists is evident in the etherial style of  Vreeland in this handsome early 20th cent painting of a family leading a cart full of supplies along a Dutch dyke. A large windmill is seen in the background and barges in the Polder beyond.

Francis William Van Vreeland 1879-1954 was a member of the California Art Club, the Artist Council of Los Angeles,  Nat. Soc. of Mural Painters, the New York Architectural League, the Artists Council of Los Angeles, and the Artists Ceramic Society of Southern California. In 1911, he exhibited his work at the Paris Salon, 1911; Paris Expo, 1900; LACMA, 1926. In the mid 1920s, he moved to Hollywood, California, and was active in that area as a decorator, painter, lecturer, and writer until his death in Los Angeles in 1954.


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