Anon Spanish vs England naval engagement

British School 
Late 18th. Cent.
Raking Fire
Oils on paper laid to board. Restored 2019. Gesso & gilt-wood period frame 14 3/4 x  18 3/4"  ( 37.5 x 47.6 cm.) Frame 20 x 24" Ref. 619 RI 607 /VNN/ a. ando > DLNN      PRICE CODE E

Becalmed during a naval engagement was one of the worst situations that a man-o’-war could find itself facing. In this dramatic naval engagement, a twenty gun Spanish Brig is making little headway, despite having all sails set, to extricate itself from its lethal situation. Capturing what little wind there is, a British Royal Naval vessel, of the Blue squadron, also a brig, has maneuvered to cross the stern of the Spaniard, which is now exposed to a full broadside of raking fire. Immense damage and slaughter must be occurring aboard her adversary, thus exposed with virtually no guns with which to return fire. For as the with few exceptions, apparent from the canon shot waterspouts, every shot seems to be hitting home. The engagement has obviously continued for some time, for the rigged splinter netting may be seen, as may the pockmarked holes amid the sails of the Spanish ship. Such was the fortune of war during the age of Nelson.


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