Jeferies Wickham lge

Wilfred Avalon

[HMS.] Wickham

Oils on canvas signed (Bottom right) gilt -wood frame with title plaque. 29 3/4 x42" ( 75.5 x 106.7 cm.) Frame 33 x 45"
Ref. 618 RI 606 /DENN/ a. ando > AOOL     PRICE CODE G

 A lively depiction of the British Armed Revenue Cutter or Revenue Cruiser  [H.M.S.] 'Wickham' making headway through a rough sea swell. From the gaff, flies white ensign of British Royal Naval Admiral of the White squadron under Admiral Lord Keith, who was as C-in- C of the English Channel 1812-14. Locals used cutters - legally - for fast cabotage, and illegally - for smuggling.  The vessel appears to be armed with fourteen 4-pounder guns. The seven on the starboard are depicted with their interior red painted ports open, and guns run out. On deck, at least eleven crew members are visible, one using a spyglass, others manning the rigging and two tars in the bow, in the act of discharging a starboard canon.The detail of the rigging depicted in this painting is impressive. This is a great painting for collectors of naval history and maritime action scenes. 

Wilfred Avalon Jefferies, exhibited in the Royal Academy and was a member of the Royal Society of Marine Artists.


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