giles ebor    giles_norton_head    giles norton

Giles Ebor                                               Giles Norton detail                                        Giles Norton

Godfrey Douglas Giles ( 1857 - 1941) was a painter of horses, military scenes and battles, many experienced at first hand while on service with the British Army in India 1875-1879, Afghanistan, Egypt and South Africa.   He produced numerous caricatures for the magazine Vanity Fair. He also painted a scene of 'E/B Battery Royal Horse Artillery at Maiwand'  which was exhibited in 1893. He accompanied the Gordon Relief Expedition to Sudan and commanded Turkish cavalry at El Teb.  Giles also provided a sketch of the battle which was the basis for a large fold-out panorama of the battle published in The Graphic  on March 1, 1884. Having attained the rank of Major, Giles retired from the army in 1884 and went to Paris in 1885 where he studied under Carolus-Duran. He successfully exhibited at the Paris Salon [1882-1904] and Britain's Royal Academy[1884-1888] at which time he lived in London and later in Newmarket  where he had particular access to depict  horse-racing scenes and portraits of winners such as these fine examples.

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