Collingwood-smith interior

British 1815 – 1887

Gothic Cathedral interior, with figures.

Signed & dated 1868 (middle right) 16 x 12"   matted, glazed, ogee natural wood frame  27 ½  x 21”

443 Ref. 129 JR1 /RLN/ v.andl >GVL      PRICE CODE  C   SOLD

Depicted is a gothic church interior, possibly in Normandy, France. Natural light floods into a background side chapel, illuminating the stained glass windows (one of which is curtained) and the ancient carved masonry. In the foreground a richly embroidered vestmented priest descends a step from a side chapel to time worn flag  stones (some with partial inscription).  A massive gilt framed painting hangs upon the wall to his front, whilst in the shadowed middle ground two priests give oration as two women pray. A lit candelabrum casts a glow on the adjacent wall.  This is a very handsome tranquil watercolour, beautifully rendered, by a master hand.


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