reiman The Turf waggon  lge

Swedish ?
20th. Century

The Turf Waggon

Oils on Canvas, Signed (Bottom Left) Dated [19]34 Giltwood & Plaster frame.
28 ½  x 38 ½ "  (72.4 x 97.8cm.)      Frame 34 x 43 ½ "        


Whilst it can be a risky business to interpret the work of an artist, it was known that Reiman painted allegorical works in the naturalistic disguise of landscapes and lakes. So here we have a highly atmospheric landscape depicting a peacefully silent autumnal landscape with a heavily laden turf waggon, its Carter sitting atop a load of fuel as it makes its way o'er the old bog road toward a farmstead in the distance. In the background is a line of mountains and to the fore are mounds of recent turf workings.
This painting however may be viewed on several levels, 1. as a straight forward depiction of an actual landscape, 2.  a representation of the yearly cycle of life, or, 3. a philosophical allegory for the passage of mankind; and as such, makes this painting an interesting buy.
1. Southern Sweden has many such Turf bogs with a line of mountains as a backdrop, this autumnal scene has been played out for centuries.
 2. The unturned bog represents Spring, the worked drying turf mounds, Summer; the Carter the present; the silent landscape the fast approaching Autumn, and the darkening clouds the darkness of a long, northern latitude Winter.

 3. The Turf mounds in the fore ground are an allegory for  time past, the Carter is time present, his fuel is the usage that mankind makes of the knowledge & products of the past to colour the unknown future, which here is shown as the foreboding clouds threatening the austere and darkening landscape in front of him. Given the European political climate of the time Reiman certainly seems to have aptly captured the mood of the period. Also of note, is the artist’s palate, being hues typical of many far northern artists, as opposed to the brighter, warmer colours of artists from a warmer climate.


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