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Alexander FRASER Junior. R.S.A. R.S.W.
1828 - 1899

[ The Fishing Pool ]

It is the finely painted detail of the foreground that sets this composition apart. Massive lichen weathered glacial boulders form a natural obstruction to a stream, the waters of which enter the scene around the rocks and boulders from both the left and centre to form a pool; wherein stands a youth fishing. His net and two fish catch is supported over his left shoulder, a line from his fishing pole in his right hand extends to a lure float in the water.

Upon close inspection two figures may just be discerned atop the centre of the large boulder to the right. The artist obviously had a change of heart regarding their inclusion as he has painted them out, but their somewhat ghostly apparition is just visible under what appears to be the original varnish. The painting is set into a valuable rose spray and acanthus leaf handsome period gilt-wood & ornate gesso frame, which is in excellent condition.

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