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hopkins lake Superior

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Hopkins F.A. Lake Superior

hopkins Lake Superior

Offset litho of the original steel engraving by Charles Mottram, published by M. Knoedler & Co. New York, Goupil & Co, Paris & London. 1873, this lithograph Ottawa 2004.
After the painting by Frances Anne Hopkins  ‘Canoes in a fog, Lake Superior ' 1869.

The image depicts three canoes travelling in a diagonal line away from the viewer, the slight wake and ripples suggest movement through the glassy stillness of the fog shrouded water of Lake Superior, the farthest canoe being swallowed into that indefinable space between water & sky, fleetingly reflected upon the still water. Fog is common along the north and east shores of Lake Superior in summer, slowly dissipating in the morning sunlight, or rolling in swiftly, obscuring the shoreline; it can be cold, impenetrable and eerie. Frances Anne Hopkins faithfully captured that ethereal, timeless quality. Characteristically, she has included herself a seated passenger alongside her husband in the center of the nearest canoe, she has chosen as her viewpoint the whole canoe, as if she was travelling in another along side it.

20 x 30" (55.7 x 76.2 inc. letters
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Frances Anne Hopkins. ?1838 - 5 March 1919.  Was the granddaughter Sir William Beechey (1753 - 1839),  a renown portrait painter who was able to include royalty among his clients. Her father Rear Admiral Frederick William Beechey (1796 - 1856 ) artist, explorer, author. Frances Anne arrived at Lachine, Canada at age 20 following her marriage to Edward Martin Hopkins,  HBC. chief factor of the Montreal Department of the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC.). Frances, accompanied her husband on his tour of inspection to Fort William 1864, possibly by way of  diversion following the death of her son. This was one of at least three long canoe trips they made together.  The Hopkins’s remained in Canada 12 years with some trips to England & Europe, during which she exhibited in London. Canoes in a Fog, Lake Superior was accepted for exhibition at the Royal Academy, in May 1869. In 1923 the public Archives of Canada purchased her four ‘Voyager paintings’, and her work did provide an impetus for younger painters of the Dominion to portray their own country and the many facets of its way of life.