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Since 1763 the name Russborough has been synonymous with collecting and dealing in fine art. In the closing decades of the last century the historic town of Port Hope has become home to Lord Russborough's Annex which specializes in an eclectic mix of antique maps, paintings and prints.
British Paintings in oil

Upon entering Lord Russborough’s Annex, one is struck by the Dickensian charm of an ‘old world’ eclectic Fine Art gallery, of a type uncommon in Canada. This is not entirely surprising since the name  Russborough  has been synonymous with collecting and dealing in fine art since 1763.
In the closing decades of the last century, the historic town of Port Hope has become home to Lord Russborough's Annex.  On display, and for purchase, are items that really are  different and have appeal for those with sophisticated tastes - an individual mix of rare antique maps, illuminated manuscripts, fine paintings and fascinating prints.

Many a pleasant hour could be spent reading the labels of each of the items on display, which seem to come alive before your eyes as the description or story behind them unfolds. The antique maps are similarly catalogued to international standards. But it is the mix of the unexpected and unusual that makes this gallery well worth a lingering visit; For no matter if your enjoyment be history, architecture, rare botanical, birds, naval engravings, or fascinating David Roberts views; you will find something of interest at Lord Russborough’s Annex. There is always a warm invitation to visit the gallery when next in Port Hope.

We welcome enquiries from potential and established collectors, curators and those looking for a single decorative piece, gift or presentation item.

Whilst Lord Russborough's  Annex  features a great many works of museum standard, appraisals and a full conservation and framing service; also offered is a wonderful selection of prints priced at under $100. In compliance with EU regulations, we offer equal pricing for both Ladies and Gentlemen - as has been our policy since 1918.

Mrs. B. Girvan of Oakville wrote “... On my last visit, I was entertained to an eyewitness account of the Charge of the Light Brigade, the assassination of Lincoln, a manuscript of National historic importance to Canada, a delightful original Kate Greenaway illustration of childhood and an unbelievably fine, world class Marine painting - there is bound to be something with which the eccentricities of the proprietor can pique your interest.”

Lord Russborough’s Annex has been featured on the popular syndicated television programme
The Antique Hunter’

On this site you will find a selection of our works - we have many more paintings, prints and maps at the gallery, so if you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us and we may be able to help.

Appraisal, Conservation and Framing services are also offered. See Specialty services.

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