Since 1763 the name 'Russborough' has been synonymous with collecting and dealing in fine art. In the closing decades of the last century the historic town of Port Hope has become home to Lord Russborough's Annex, which specialises in an individual mix of antique maps, paintings and prints.

While Lord Russborough's Annex features a great many works of museum calibre, we also offer a wonderful selection of prints priced at under $100.

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Sedum Album


Published in George Christian Oeder's Flora Danica Plate LXVI, Copenhagen 1761-1811, being The First National Flora and therefore important in the history of botanical printing. Beautifully Framed. It is from these plates that the famous porcelain took its inspiration and name. Our image, Number 66 is from the scarce volume 1 and should be considered as a world class investment quality image.

In 1753 Oeder proposed the publication of a project to delineate all the native flowers and plants in Denmark as a way to popularize botany and record all the useful and detrimental properties of those plants. Previous texts in the form of herbals had listed the medicinal properties of numerous plants but there had been no large scale national recording of flora. The massive undertaking became known as the Flora Danica and as such, became the world’s first National flora. The first part was published in 1761 and the final part 113 years later in 1874.

This elegant original handcoloured copper engraving, is presented in bespoke hand-dappled acid free mat with added French lines & dappled panel, Gilt fillet, glazed, giltwood & plaster frame, to museum standard. And would a handsome addition to any formal room or even an intimate bedroom.

Frame 19 1/2 x 17" Ref. LRAp1402/ AAG /o.doog > OLN