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gillray progress of the toilet recto

James Gillray
Progress of the Toilet

Originally published by Hanna Humphrey from The Caricatures of Gillray; with historical and political illustrations, biographical anecdotes and notices (1810 )
Etching, Published by Henry G. Bohn, London 1847-52 for "The Works of James Gillray from the Original Plates with the Addition of Many Subjects Not Before Collected" By Charles Whiting. Illustrated by James Gillray. Uncoloured as issued. Full descriptions accompany purchase of prints.
Set of six images printed on both sides of the elephant folio page.

Elephant Folio wove paper. Slight water damage not affecting images. Bohn edition 1852
Each plate size 11 1/8 in. x 8 7/8 in. (283 mm x 224 mm); page size 24 7/8 x 19” 632 x 481 mm.)
Ref. LRA /DVL/ RLN each >   DENN       PRICE CODE E

Titles :
Plate 1 The stays [570]
Plate 2 The wig [571]
Plate 3 Dress Completed [572]
Together with
Grace, Fashion, and Manners, from the life. (Junetæque Nymphis Gratiœ decentes) [573]
On Verso
Les Invisibles 1810 [568]
La Walse [sic.] Le Bon Genre 1810 [569]

“Progress of the Toilet” is a set of three images published by James Gillray (1756-1815) on February 26, 1810. Each picture represents a different time of day from morning, afternoon, and evening. The ever-changing furnishings highlight the impractical extravagance that required women to change three times a day. These prints pour ridicule on the fashions of the period dictating how the shapes of women should be accentuated to imitate artistic depictions of femininity. The series offers a detailed insight into the world of women’s fashion in 18th. Century England. Although lacking the distortion or grotesque nature as do many of Gillray’s caricatures, they subtly satirize the manifold ways in which nature was beautified and falsified.

gillray progress of the toilet recto

Verso: Les Invisibles 1810 [568]
La Walse [sic.] Le Bon Genre 1810 [569]