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Boer War

An extract of our prints currently available:

Dawn of Majuba
Dashing Advance At Paaderberg
British Entry Into Pretoria
The Bugler



"There is no retreat from here, men; you must die where you stand!"
...."Ay, Ay, Sir Colin, if needs be we'll do that."

Dawn of Majuba

Dawn of Majuba!

The revenge of the British Defeat
Dawn of Majuba, (surrender of Cronje), Morning After R. Caton Woodville. London. 1900 [1995]

R. Caton Woodville was well known for his exacting portrayal of episodes of Victorian military history. He exhibited at the Royal Academy, London. The Thomas Ross Company were the original printers of this photogravure and they have struck this image from their original plate.

The scene depicts the revenge of the British defeat at the first Battle of Majuba Hill, Transvaal, (27Feb. 1881,). The engagement depicted here, some 19 years after the first battle, occurred during the Battle for Paardeberg, where troops of the 2nd Battalion Royal Canadian Regiment & 1st Canadian Highland Regiment distinguished themselves; The Boer General Piet Cronje was forced to surrender with some 4000 men, taking them out of the Boer War.

The original painting after which this scarce photogravure was made now hangs in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Handcoloured Photogravure restrike from the original plate.
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Approx. Plate size 34 x 22 1/2"

Ref. LRA 524/ANV>ELN
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A gallant deed, worthy of our Colonial Comrades
Bacons South African Battle Pictures # 10 London 1900 [1901]

Celebrating the centenary year of the Boer War these views became increasingly collectable especially those showing Canadian participation. Despite some minor water staining and trimming to borders, this is a highly desirable image as it depicts the advance of the Royal Regiment of Canada supported by the 2nd. Shropshire & Gordon Highlanders regiments and corps of Engineers, as they advanced on Cronje's laager. Lord Roberts said of this action "A gallant deed, worthy of our Colonial Comrades."

Note: the observation balloon.

Chromolithograph. Matted, Gilt wood frame. London 1900 [1901]
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Approx 22 X 29 3/4" (56 X 75.5cm) Frame 25 1/2 X 32 1/2"

Ref. LRA 813/DNN/evl    SOLD
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British entry into Pretoria - June 5th 1900

Bacons South African Battle Pictures # 12
London 1900 [1901]

Depicts the parade in front of the Legislative building on June 5, 1900. Lord Roberts & Gen. Kitchener are shown on horseback taking the salute. A number of the Allied & Colonial regiments who took part in the Boer War are represented including the Canadian Artillery. A scarce and desirable image, in reasonably good condition considering the quality of the paper and its age.

Chromolithograph. G. W. Bacon & Son. London 1900 [1901].
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Approx 20 X 27 1/2" (50.7 X 70 cm.)

Ref. LRA 985/0L/annd>AOL SOLD
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After Paul Wickson
 The Bugler
Colour Lithograph No. IV Military Plate series published as a supplement to the Christmas Globe 1901 by the Globe Printing Co. Toronto Lithographic Co.
22 1/2 x 14 3/4" ( 57.2 x 37.5 cm.)    
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Toronto Globe honours the Canadian Bugler: The Globe issued several supplements to honour the soldiers who served in South Africa during the Boer War. At Christmas 1901 it issued this magnificent portrait of "The Bugler"after the painting by Paul Wickson the subject of which bears an uncanny resemblance to Bugler Edwin McCormick.