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An extract of our prints currently available:

18th. Cent. Ethnic Persian Kinjal


Iron, Early 18th. Century, in presentation case.

A Persian Kinjal / Kindjal, or traditional short broad tapering, double-edged straight blade weapon/ sword in classical form.  22 5/8" long. Being made of hand forged iron, with a pleasing patination and snake-skin grip, thought to have been made Ca.1710. Such swords were known for their short grip and arrowhead shaped pommel. 

The Kinjal is presented within a fine 20th Cent. custom made, inlaid mahogany wood, display box with glazed opening lid. 27 3/4" x 4 3/4" x 2 3/4"

  Ref. CH 75/ONN/ s.andv>DONN   SOLD                                    PRICE CODE F

                     Private Collection Florida
                     Auction House, Ohio 2017
                     Private collector Northumberland Co. 2017                      



This was a weapon made for fighting and not ceremonial use. The Kinjal shows signs of use and wear on both the underlying layer of linen and snakeskin cover grip (3 3/4").
 Both sides of the blade have remnants of incised ethnic decoration, with very faintly engraved fullers. The blade edges also show signs of consistent use and have interspersed 'trophy?' nicks. There is no scabbard.

 Their origin was probably based on the Roman Gladius and used as a thrusting sword or dagger. Their use was once common in Persia and the Caucases.