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roman gladius

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3rd-2nd Cent B.C. Roman Gladius

roman gladius


Bronze 3rd.-2nd.  Century BC. 

21"Hispaniensis style blade with signs of use, good encrusting, patina and ancient repair
Rampant ‘animal devouring prey’ (Lion) motif at end of pommel.
Possibly from the Hispania Ulterior region of Roman Spain. This is a fascinating, rare and worthy addition to any collection of early militaria, Roman weaponry or antiquities. A close inspection of its construction indicates that this sword probably supported a decorative hilt and guard over the now visible cone pommel, with a carved grip.
 The Roman Gladius (short sword) was used in a thrust/cut motion and was usually accompanied a large shield as a defensive weapon.

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Provenance: Deveau Gallery,Toronto 1984
                    Private Collector Northumberland Co.