Since 1763 the name 'Russborough' has been synonymous with collecting and dealing in fine art. In the closing decades of the last century the historic town of Port Hope has become home to Lord Russborough's Annex, which specialises in an individual mix of antique maps, paintings and prints.

While Lord Russborough's Annex features a great many works of museum calibre, we also offer a wonderful selection of prints priced at under $100.

Murat Marshal of France

Prince Murat (left) saluting Emperor Napoleon (right).

Joachim Murat-Jordy 1767 - 1815 was a French cavalry officer who played a major role in all of Napoleon's campaigns. He was appointed Marshal of the Empire in 1804. Murat succeeded Joseph Bonaparte as king of Naples (1808). Murat was married to Caroline Bonaparte. Following the battle of Leipzig, Murat launched the Neapolitan war in 1815 against the Austrian's but was decisively deafeated at Tolentino. He fled to Corsica, and made a last attempt to recover his throne, but was taken prisoner by King Ferdinand IV of Naples, tried for treason and excuted by firing squad in Pizzo.This 1893 offset lithograph is by F De Myrbach.

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Detaill;e Mounter Hussard


hand coloured typogravure Goupil & Co. 9 1/2 x 8 (21.6 x 20.2cm.)
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