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WW1 Post & Greeting Cds

An extract of our prints currently available:

WW1 Post Cards
WW1 Greeting Cards
King George V Hectograph Letter



WW1 Pc#3#3

CANADIAN 35th. [Battalion]
Series of five rare patriotic picture post cards (unused) extolling, in caricature, the heroism of the Canadian 35 Battalion against the Germans on the western front during WWI.
Published by Solomon Brothers Ltd. Graphic House New North Road. London.     

Captions as follows:

1. Wi!ly [sic] my poy shall we go to London? I dont think, papa, here comes der "35th Canadians"

2. Hans and Fritz they all had fits when the "35th Canadians" came over the hill behind them.

3. Every vere ve go its "here come der 35 Canadians".

4. Ach Himmel! ve hope der "35 Canadians" dont see us.

5. How the "35th. Canadians" chased the !ast [sic] Germhun.

Each 3 ½ x 5 ½"                                  As a group   Ref.  1/ RN / e.dn >DAL   SOLD    

ww1 pc#1
ww1 pc#2
                   #1                                            #2                                         #4

Solomon Brothers, Ltd. 1911-1918 
London, England
Were large publishers of halftone lithographic postcards. Greeting cards and artist signed cards were also produced, and during the First World War patriotic cards became their staple. In addition they published real photo cards shot in a studio with captions added.

ww1 pc#5

together with:


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# A.ww1 greeting cd ww1 greeting cd a outside  web # A.WW1 greeting card a inside

                                                  FIVE GREETINGS CARDS:
A. Printed embossed paper card with deckled edge, with gold maple leaf insignia of the 35th.
Canadian Battalion, contained within oval of coloured holly. The card being pierced and tied
with red ribbon.   
Enclosing gold printed greetings page. From (in ms.) 'J. Carroll', to his wife (in ms.) 'Mrs.
J. Carroll',
Bramshott Camp Hants, England. Christmas 1915 New Year 1916, and enclosing on inner
pages two lithographed printed images from photographs of Canadian troops, aboard
troopship, titled   At sea 'SS. Metagama'. and 35 Battalion lines  Bramshott camp.

 B.  Printed blind embossed paper remembrance card, with folded top right corner reverse
printed with purple and yellow flowers, with raised gold lovers knot at center. bound with
white silk rope.Enclosing a separate gold printed page of greeting from 405213 L/Cpl. J.
Carroll   35th. Canadian Battalion, West Sandling, Kent, Christmas 1916.

 C.  Printed blind embossed paper Forget-me-not greetings card with deckled edge and filigree
cut out, printed in delicate purple & green colours, with raised gold lovers knot, in bottom
right corner.
Within a cut-out oval may be seen a sprig of Forget-me-not flowers on a separate inner label.
The card being pierced and tied with pink ribbon. Enclosing a separate gold printed page
of greeting from 405213 L./Corpl. J. Carroll   35th. Canadian Battalion, West Sandling, Kent,
Christmas 1916.
  To my dear wife with lots of love in ms.

D.  Printed embossed paper Christmas card, with greeting and sprig of coloured holly. The card
being pierced and tied with pink string. Enclosing a printed greeting and image of three robins
ona branch, from (in ms.) J. Carroll ms. note Fondest love to my dear wife.

 E.  Printed paper Christmas card, with a night view of a partially illuminated wet streetscape
and church entitled Reflections inside is a printed Christmas greeting and ms. note From
your loving husband to my dear wife with lots of love.
written in the hand of J. Carroll.
Burgundy ribbon partially lacking.

each 5 ¼ x 3 ½" approx.                       As a group. Ref. ER2/RN/e.dn>DRN    SOLD   

#B.ww1 Greeting-card-b-outside-sm-web
#C. w1 greeting cd 3 smweb

#D.ww1 greeting cd 4 sm web

ww1 greeting cd 5 sm web

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WW1 J & M Carroll 1915 Pte. M.J.Carroll & Mrs Martha Carroll 1915
[Image not for sale]

Private (Apparently temporarily, promoted to L/cpl.) Michael Joseph Carroll 22 Nov. 1878 - Nov. 1959.
A widower aged 36. He married the 39 year old widow Martha [nee Sherrard] at Toronto
11 April 1911.
Formerly a Toronto electrician, he joined the Canadian Expeditionary Force, 35th. Battalion, in Toronto 21 August 1915. Received a Medical Discharge 19 May 1919 (As a result of missing ends of second & third left fingers 28/9/18) following service in England and France.

SSMetagama troop ship

[Image not for sale]

Shipped overseas on SS Metagama CP liner (12,450 tons) Joseph Carroll was stationed at Bramshott Camp.
Canadian troops were based on Bramshott Common, astride the A3, the main London-Portsmouth road in both world wars. In World War I at least, the camp became one of the largest training areas for Canadian troops in the U.K.
Regimental serial number now 405213, he sent greeting card # 1 to his wife for Christmas 1915 & New Year 1916.
By Christmas 1916 the battalion was still undergoing training and now L/Cpl. Carroll had relocated to the Camp at West Sandling in Kent (see  Cards 2-5) 


At Sandling Camp, June, July, When all the Units reached England, the Brigades and Divisions were organized August, 1915.

Major-General S. B. Steele, C.B., M.V.O., was the first Commander of the Division. Later (August) Major-General R. E. W. Turner, V.C., came from France and took command. Maj.-General Steele received the " South-Eastern Command " in England, and was subsequently knighted, becoming Maj.-General Sir Samuel B. Steele, K.C.M.G., C.B., M.V.O.

The 35th. [Reserve] battalion became part of the 4th. Canadian Infantry Brigade and was nominally under the Command of Colonel (later Brig.-General) Septimus Denison C.M.G.
Denison, came over to England about the same time as the Units of the 4th Canadian Infantry Brigade and assumed command at WEST SANDLING. He had with him Captain T. W. Lawson as Orderly Officer, who afterwards became S.C.Q.

Colonel Denison's health was not very good and was succeeded by Brigadier-General Lord Brooke on June 25th.

We believe Carroll was posted to France during 1917.
The 35th Battalion, as part of the 4th. Infantry Brigade, served in the battles of :-
1916: ST. ELOI, the SOMME



The " farthest for-ward " military cemetery in Belgium, on the Eastern outskirts of MONS, is sacred to the dead of the 4th Canadian Infantry Brigade.

WW1 Letter from King George V

One page Hectograph letter, on Buckingham Palace crested stationary, dated 1918
 " The Queen & I wish / you god-speed, a/ safe return to the / happiness & joy of home / life with an early / restoration to health.
A grateful Mother/Country thanks you / for faithful services.
 George R.I."
7 ¼ x 5"  
       Ref. ER 3/DN / e.dn > EL          
Such letters were produced on a gelatin duplicator or Hectograph, and replicated the handwriting of the sovereign onto Palace stationery. Generally the print run was small 50-80 copies.

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