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Canot,P. after Durnford, E. View of Havana Harbour

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durnford havana

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A View of the Entrance of the Harbour of the Havana; taken from within the wrecks.

Drawn by Elias Durnford, Engineer. Engraved by Peter Canot. London: Thos. Jefferys 1764. Numbered key below title.
SCARCE. Copper engraving, overall browning, glazed, period hogarth frame

This scarce image is, according to Durnford’s daughter Mary writing in 1863,  one of  “six views  of the Moro & Havannah [sic], with shipping, town, marketplace, aloe trees, and groups delineated with life and character. They are masterly in execution” and were then in the possession of his grandson, some if not all were engraved by various engravers,  this image having been engraved by Peter Canot 1710 - 1777


Spain’s involvement in the  Seven Years War (1756-1763) began when Charles III of Spain declared war against England in January 1762.  The British responded by sending an expedition of 15,000 regular and colonial soldiers from Canada to capture Cuba. England’s naval supremacy had already given her the upper hand in the West Indies, and in June a large British fleet landed an army near Havana. Lieut. General Elias Walker Durnford RE, 1739 - 1794, was engaged in the siege of Havana (Habana Vieja) and capture of the fort at the harbour mouth known as Castillo Del Morro, the latter being the key to taking the city.

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