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Surrender of napoleon

An extract of our prints currently available:

Orchardson,W.Q. The surrender of Napoleon to Great Britain



[Napoleon on board the Bellerophon]

Lithograph, London ca.1910,  Matted, glazed, silver-gilt wood frame.

After the painting by Sir William Quiller Orchardson RA. which hangs in the Tate Gallery, London. This image is published by the Berlin Photographic Co. London Ca.1910. The caption  below the image reads :  “ On the fifteenth of July 1815, Twenty seven days after the battle of Waterloo and seven days after Louis XVIII had re-entered Paris as King of France, Napoleon, despairing to escape to America, surrendered to Great Britain and went on board the ‘Bellerophon’. He is seen looking across the sea to the French coast. A voyage to Plymouth and thence to St. Helena were to conclude the mortal wanderings of the dictator of Europe.”

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173/4 x 241/8”         (45.4 x 61.3 cm.)     Frame 271/4 x 34”   PRICE CODE D    Click Here for Pricing Details
Ref. LRA 2044 /DNN/dd.anng > VOL sold

ANOTHER COPY matted gilt-wood Frame 26 1/4 x 32 1/2" Ref. TJ3 /DAL/v.ande > VOL   SOLD

Reduced size version 1906 6 3/8 x  8 1/2 " (16.5 x 21.6 cm.) including letters   Ref. TJ 9 / RL / V.ande >DAL

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On Board the Poop deck of the ‘Bellerophon’  may be seen members of Napoleon’s entourage (Left to Right) Col. Planat de Fraye:-  aide-de-camp & oderly officer; Maj-Gen. Count Charles - Tristan de Montholon (1783 -1853):-Napoleon’s poisoner ; Pierre Maingaut; Count Emmanuel Marquis de Las Cases (1766 - 1842):-Napoleon’s Biographer ; General Anne-Jean-Marie-René Savary, Duke de Rovigo (1774 -1832):- aide-de-Camp and Chief of Police; General Charles Lallemand; Count Henri-Gratien Bertrand (1773 - 1844): Military Engineer, and young Emmanuel Las Cases:- son of above; while off to the right, brooding upon the state of his circumstances, General Bonaparte is depicted wearing the small cocked hat, with a tri-coloured cockade; an olive green great coat covering the green uniform of a ‘chasseur a cheval’ of the Imperial Guard and his plain gold-hilted sword, military boots, white waistcoat and breeches that he wore when he boarded. On the quarterdeck below, may be seen a marine guard and two of ship’s officers of the watch.