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While Lord Russborough's Annex features a great many works of museum calibre, we also offer a wonderful selection of prints priced at under $100.

sheet music bickham


 The Ladies Lamentation for ye Loss of Senesino
Copper engraved plate, Georgian laid paper. Uncoloured as issued.
Published in George Bickham, the younger. The Musical Entertainer London, 1737
Plate size 12 ¾ x 7 ¾”     Suitable for framing.
 Ref. LRA1306/D.LN/ dd.dosn> ANN         PRICE CODE B

Numbered in upper right '38'; lettered below the image with the title and 'G. Bickham jun Sc.', with the verses of a song, one written in the score, another six given undernearth 'As musing I rang'd in the Meads all alone ... My darling is gone, and a fig for them all.' Set for the German flute, with a descant line 'For the Flute.' below.
We are pleased to offer this highly collectable page of Antique sheet music, being number 38 from the very rare engraved copperplate work The Musical Entertainer of 1737, comprising English Love & Folk songs set to music by such luminaries as Geo F. Handel, being published during his life time, and other composers including Purcell, Haydn and Corelli. Prints from this work are rarely seen on the market, (the work in its entirety is now priced in excess of $30,000 2011). This superb series of engraved musical pieces was first published in parts of four plates each and issued fortnightly between 1737 and 1739. Each print is headed by an charming original copper-engraved engraved vignette by George Bickham jnr. The scenes being of Georgian contemporary life and illustrative of the song. They are engraved in a mature rococo style, some in the French manner after Watteau. The pieces were scored for Viola, Piano and Harpiscord, some with a descant for flute.
It is George Bickham’s masterpiece & the first work of its type in England and believed to be the first use of baroque printing in music. We are particularly pleased to present this ancient work. The paper is fine, high quality hand made chain lined paper, light creamy in color. “These prints are about 270 years old and represent an enchanting part of our musical heritage”. (Panteek)

George Bickham the Younger
c. 1706 – 1771 Printmaker, Caricaturist, publisher; son of George Bickham the Elder. Prolific publisher of a very wide range of prints; first major publication, a series of engraved song sheets entitled 'The Musical Entertainer' (1737). Apprentices: William Austin (1747), and his nephew Thomas Butcher (1759; qq.v.). Announced his retirement on 25 April 1767 (Public Advertiser) stating that his business would be continued by Thomas Butcher (q.v.). He lived at Blackmoor's Head over against Surrey Street in the Strand (c.1740-1) May's Buildings, Covent Garden (1745, 1749). Died in Richmond, Surrey, on 21 June 1771, leaving his property to his widow, Elizabeth; sale of his copper plates and rolling press advertised in the Public Advertiser, 9 January 1772.
Collaborated with his father, and many of their prints have not been properly identified; when there is any doubt, prints have been placed under George Bickham the Younger. (British Museum)

music love from the heart music love frm heart verso


Love From The Heart, or Yes, I will leave my Father’s halls,
 As sung by Madame Vestris, composed & arranged by Sidney Waller.
 Published by C.Bradlee 164 Washington St. Boston. n/d.
10 ¾   x 7 ½”  (27.3 x 19 cm.)
Ref. LRA3064/AL/dd.andd > VL    PRICE CODE A

 The title stone lithograph vignette depicts a feather capped minstral, holding a guitar and standing in a woodland setting. Printed by Pendleton’s Lithography Boston. The music score Yes, I will leave my Father’s halls is printed on the verso. The score is undated, but printed ca.1840    Butler 1275 

Charles Bradlee 1770-1861 was a music publisher of Boston, who died in Dorchester Mass 7 July 1861.
 Pendleton’s Lithography Boston was established in 1825 by John D. Pendleton,(1768-1866). He was joined by William S. Pendelton (1795-1879) who continued the business following John’s departure in 1829.

Lucia Elizabeth Vestris née Bartolozzi (January 1797 – 8 August 1856) was an English actress and a contralto opera singer, appearing in Mozart and Rossini works. While popular in her time, she was more notable as a theatre producer and manager. After accumulating a fortune from her performances, she leased the Olympic Theatre in London and produced a series of burlesques and extravaganzas for which the house became famous. She got married in 1838 for the second time, to the British actor Charles James Mathews and accompanied him on tour to America. (Wikipedia)

Music Wellington's funeral march

Wellington’s Funeral March   
As published in the Illustrated London News 13 November1852
Two seperate pages of music score composed by Sir Henry R. Bishop, surmounted by a wood engraved vignette of marching bandsmen with black draped muffled drums.
14 3/8 x 9 ¼” (36.5 x 23.5 cm.)
Ref. LRA- /-/d.annn > VL    PRICE CODE A

Sir Henry Rowley Bishop (18 November 1786 - 30 April 1855) was an English composer. He is most famous for the songs “Home Sweet Home” and "Lo, Hear the Gentle Lark". He was the composer or arranger of some 120 dramatic works, including 80 operas, light operas, cantatas, and ballets. Knighted in 1842, he was the first musician to be so honoured. Bishop worked for all the major theatres of London in his era - including the Royal Opera House at Covent Garden, the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, Vauxall Gardens and the Haymarket Theatre, and he was Professor of Music at Oxford University. The composition of Wellington’s Funeral March was his penultimate work.


Canadian guards waltz


The Canadian Guards WaltzPatrol March for the piano by E. Fralick
I. Suckling & Sons. Toronto 1890

Seven pages complete inc. cover

Ref. LRA- /-/d.andd > AL



soldiers of the queen

Soldiers of the Queen March
 By Arthur W. Parry
Founded on Leslie Stuart’s popular song
 Francis, Day& Hunter. London 1896
Six pages complete + cover.

Ref. LRA- /-/d.andd > AL

The Grenadiers

 The Grenadiers Polka MarchBy Theo Bonheur
I. Suckling & Sons. Toronto 1889
Seven pages complete + cover.

Ref. LRA- /-/d.andd > AL



Belgian Nat Anthem

La Brabançonne
Air National Belge
Paroles de Charles Rogier, Musique de F. Campenhout
J.Maret- Hans, Bruxelles n/d.
Three pages complete inc. cover

Ref. LRA- /-/d.andd >RN