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Since 1763 the name 'Russborough' has been synonymous with collecting and dealing in fine art. In the closing decades of the last century the historic town of Port Hope has become home to Lord Russborough's Annex, which specialises in an individual mix of antique maps, paintings and prints.

While Lord Russborough's Annex features a great many works of museum calibre, we also offer a wonderful selection of prints priced at under $100.

An extract of our prints currently available:

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George Frederic Handel

German 1685-1759
 Steel Engraving by Thomson.
Published Wm. Mackenzie Glasgow [Ca. 1860]
 7 5/8 x 4 1/8    (19.7 x 10.5cm.) including letters.

Ref: LRA3066/DN/dd.andd> LL  




Felix Mendelssohn

[Jakob Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy]
German 1809-1847
Steel Engraving by C.Cook after Leighton.
 [Ca. 1870]
6 3/8 x 4    (16.2 x 10 cm.) including letters.

Ref: LRA3067/DN/dd.andd> AL  


Richard Wilhem Wagner

German 1813-1883
Stone Lithograph for J.H. Bufford the ‘Folio’ Boston.
 [Ca. 1850]
10 ¼ x 7 3/8     (26 x 18.7 cm.) including letters.

Ref: LRA3065/DN/dd.andd> AL  

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