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Sir Winston Churchill

An extract of our prints currently available:
Portraits of Eminent persons
A plate from the 'Sir Winston' suite.

churchill aviator

A plate from the 'Sir Winston' suite.
Large image of the older Churchill, looking upwards. smaller image of W.S.C. in pilot’s gear with pre-WWl airplane.

Stone lithograph by Curtis Hooper and Sarah Churchill. Published in the 1970's. Number four of Twenty-eight images after photographs of Winston Churchill, as part of the series “A Visual Philosophy of Winston Churchill,” from the Jaffa Collection at Hillsdale College.

Plate Size: 20 1/8 x 17 1/2" 29 7/8 (to base of Churchill arms) museum matted, glazed, Wood-frame: 48 5/8 x 30 1/4"
Ref. JE3 (209) /DLN/ s. anar> ELN SOLD  PRICE CODE B

The larger of two sizes of prints produced were limited editions of 350-400**. Signed by Hooper within matrix of image and signed below plate by Curtis Hooper and Sarah Churchill and numbered, in this case lettered “AP” (artist’s proof). Below image, within the plate, is an embossed quotation:-
I can manage a machine with ease in the air—enough to appreciate and understand the future.” also, an embossed image of the elderly WSC. smoking a cigar, Below the plate (lower left) are the blind embossed Churchill armorial bearings.

Each picture was based on a famous photograph of Sir Winston. They range from childhood to old age. The publisher was Graphic House in New Jersey, and the scheme was quite successful. Decades have passed since Sir Winston’s death, but Curtis Hooper’s dramatic graphite drawings are as lifelike as ever. “While many only know Churchill for his wartime leadership, the ‘Visual Philosophy’ series is unique in that it contains vignettes drawn from throughout his entire life,said Churchill Fellow and Hillsdale senior Ross Hatley.

churchill arms
WSC embossed cigar


CURTIS HOOPER worked with Sarah Churchill (Lady Audley, daughter of Sir Winston Churcill) to publish of a series of at least twenty-eight embossed intaglio prints entitled, “A Visual Philosophy of Sir Winston Churchill.”  The drawings were based upon famous Churchill photographs and Lady Sarah supplied suitable quotations for each. The prints are signed by Sarah Churchill.
From Hooper’s website, “Curtis noticed, as he got to know Lady Sarah, that she would take small pieces of tracing paper and affectionately trace simple outlines of family photos, including her father. Curtis decided to convert her tracings into an intaglio embossing plate and emboss each tracing into the bottom area of each print, where she was to co-sign in pencil, next to Curtis’s hand signed pencil signature. This gave the artworks a personal Churchill touch, which delighted Lady Sarah and the art collectors.”
** Some sources say each print had an edition of 400, some prints indicate 300. In fact the actual number produced is much lower.