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dendy Sadler Darby & Joan

An extract of our prints currently available:

W. Dendy Sadler Darby & Joan

dendy sadler Darby & Joan

Darby and Joan
W.H. Boucher after Walter Dendy Sadler

Original pull Etching on grey paper. Printed by A Holdgate & Sons. Published LH Lefèvre London 1890
Publishers blind stamp (Bottom Left) four line poem by F.E. Weatherly below title. 15 7/8 x 19 7/8" Original flawed glass glazing, Period gilt liner & Oak wood frame. 20 1/4 x 26 1/2"

Ref. LRA 2027/AAL/ a.anov > LAL    PRICE CODE C

Darby & Joan sit at their dining table on the occasion of their Golden Wedding Anniversary, toasting each other before dining on a leg of mutton. Flanking the fireplace beside the table are hung large portraits of them in their youth some 50 years earlier. This is one of the best known and desirable of all of Walter Dendy Sadler's images. Many of the momentos of their half century of marriage appear as props in other works by the artist. His subjects were usually set in the late 18th. or early 19th. century as he enjoyed that period. His clever social observation enabled him to paint people in domestic life pursuits often with comical expressions illustrating their character. He lived from 1854-1923 and exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1890 he was a member of the Royal British Association.