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Abraham Lincoln receipt

An extract of our prints currently available:

Abraham Lincoln Receipt 1833

Lincoln receipt detail

Abraham Lincoln Receipt 1833

Rec of Maj. John Mann
 Seventy one dollars - 45 cents
 of Smith shope a/c & Store a/c
 all of this date Dec. 14th 1833
                           -A Lincoln.
 Together with: An explanatory note regarding the perilous situation of Lincoln's debt and finances.
 Reproduction photo image of Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States.

 Receipt 2 ½ x 6 ¾ "  (6.4 x 17.2)     Ornate gilt-wood frame 20 ¾  x 15 ½ "    

 Ref. CH 24 /LSNN/e.andd > VOOL          This item has been withdrawn, as further research has proven it to be a clever forgery, in all probability by the hand of the celebrated forger Joseph Cosey ca.1910. Please contact us for information.

Lincoln receipt full
               A year after loosing the 1832 congress election (although of the 300 votes cast at New Salem, Lincoln received 277) With the election over and with no job, Lincoln looked for other opportunities. Lincoln and his partner William Berry entered into a shared Blacksmith enterprise and a second store in New Salem, which they had purchased on credit in January 1833.  Both these ventures were unsuccessful. According to Lincoln, the businesses simply put him  deeper and deeper in debt, and in April 1833; he sold his interest in the store to Berry. Subsequently, Lincoln received an appointment as Postmaster of New Salem on May 7, 1833. He retained that position until the post office was relocated to Petersburg on May 30, 1836.
 William Berry died on January 10, 1835, leaving 25 year old Abe. Lincoln saddled with the debts of the partnership ($1000). A considerable sum, which he vowed to pay off as a matter of honour. (As late as 1848, while serving as a United States Congressman from Illinois, Lincoln was finally able to pay off what he called "the national debt.")

This receipt is for payment of purchase of part of the stock, which enabled Lincoln to reduce his debt load somewhat.
 In 1832 Rachael Berry, the daughter of William Berry, married a John Mann jr. who may be the Maj. John Mann of this receipt.

Provenance: Marskell’s & Sons Toronto 1980     
                     Private Collection, Port Hope.