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the cries of london

An extract of our prints currently available:
The Cries of London

"The Most Famous engravings of the 18th. Century" Wilder

Wheatley Cries _Milk
Wheatley Cries -Knives

The Cries of London
 after original designs by Francis Wheatley  1747 – 1801

 Early 19th. Cent. stipple engravings printed in colours. (Plate 6 hand tinted,  mostly sepia Heliogravure ca. 1830.). Titles in English and French, below image.
Handsomely presented in reverse painted black lacquer and gilt-line glazing set into period Hogarth frames.

Plate size including letters, 15 ¾  x 12" (38.1 x 30.5 cm) Frames: 22 ½ x 18 ¾"

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Francis Wheatley (1747-1801) created these sublime images of street sellers that – although seen at the time as of little consequence beside his aristocratic portraits – are now the works upon which his reputation rests. Born in Covent Garden,Wheatley was ideally qualified to portray these hawkers because he grew up amongst them and their cries, echoing in the streets around the market. You may recognise the old stone pillars of the market buildings that still stand today. However, these pictures are far from social reportage as we understand it, there isa certain similarity between many of the women portrayed in these pictures, for whom it is believed Mrs. Wheatley – herself a painter and exhibitor at the Royal Academy – was the model. Look again, and you will also see that variants on the same ginger and white terrier occur throughout these images too.Wheatley was well served by his engravers who created the prints which brought recognition for his “Cries of London,” as the most beautiful and most popular series of prints on this subject of all time.Wheatley's series was immensely popular and enjoyed a long period of success in the English print shops.

Ten titles [of 13] as follows:
 Plate 1.  Two bunches a penny Primroses, two bunches a penny. L Schiavonetti snr. engraver.
 Plate 2.  Milk below maids.  Schiavonetti  engraver.
 Plate 3.  Sweet China oranges, sweet China. L Schiavonetti snr. engraver.
 Plate 4.  Do you want any matches ? A. Cordon engraver.
 Plate 5.  New Mackrel.[sic] N. Schiavonetti jnr. engraver.
 Plate 6.  Knives, scissors and razors to grind. G. Vendramini engraver.
 Plate 7.  Fresh gathered peas, young Hastings. G. Vendramini engraver.
 Plate 8.  Round & sound five pence a pound Duke cherries. A. Cordon engraver.
 Plate 9.  Strawberrys, Scarlet Strawberrys. lacking
 Plate 10. Old Chairs to mend. G. Vendramini engraver.
 Plate 11. A New Love Song, only Ha’pence a Piece. lacking
 Plate 12. Hot Spice ginger bread, smoking hot. G. Vendramini engraver.
 Plate 13. Turnips & Carrots, ho! lacking.