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farley mowat farfarers

An extract of our collectables currently available:
Farley Mowat Draft Typescript The Farefarers

Farley mowat Farfarers   
Original draft typescript
of part of The Farfarers  by Farley Mowat

    Published Toronto. 1988

Two pages of original typescript draft with numerous manuscript additions and corrections in red ink (discoloured to yellow) each page is signed, and overwritten with Farley Mowat's autograph in blue dry ink marker.
Chapter 1- Beginnings Prologue (p.1)      together with,
Chapter 11- Fury of the Norsemen. p. 118 (published as Chapter 12)  

Each 8 ½ x 11" page is floated on dark green matt board, glazed and set within an appropriate natural wood frame, to form a single attractively framed literary artifact. 19 x 27"  

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This typescript is a fascinating glimpse into the mind of the author, as it shows the creative process with a paragraph being reworked and rewritten on the page. Both pages are illuminated with Farley's idiosyncrasies, original creative spelling and manuscript corrections making them a fine addition to any collection of literature and a great memento of an eminent and much loved Canadian author.

Mowat F Farfarers det

The book challenges the conventional wisdom that the Vikings were the first Europeans to reach northern Canada. Based on over thirty years of research into evidence of a seafaring pre-Viking 'Alban' people. Farley skillfully weaves fictional vignettes of Alban life into his thoughtful reconstruction of a forgotten history. This startlingly compelling narrative, confirms Mowat's status as one of Canada's master storytellers to a degree that is still controversial among historians.

Elsewhere on our site we offer a very rare 1652 antique map which actually shows a settlement of ‘Alba’ in East Greenland, documentary proof that Farley's contention was perhaps based in fact??